Sunday, January 08, 2006

Flitting around Florence for a weekend! Can you believe this is my life?

Being able to write that is surreal. This entire experience has been surreal actually. Florence was much more like a city, but it made me appreciate certain aspects of Venice too. While in Florence they have laundromats and internet points and dance clubs all over, to me (the little old lady) it was not that enjoyable. I had fun while I was out, but I could never have spent three weeks there and though there are certain conveniences missing here there is also a bit more peace and a slower pace.

We took the train to Florence on Friday morning. Even though I felt ill since it was about 4 am when we had to get up to catch the train the scenery as we travelled was gorgeous. We got to see the mountains and the countryside much more than we had to that point. Jenny, Swazey, Eden, Brittany, Alicia and I shared a private room in a Hostel. Other people from the program also stayed in the Hostel and we all went out to dinner as a group on Friday night. Then we tried to go to a discoteca, but they serve dinner until midnight. To kill time until then we went to a bar called Slowly, which was such a blast. They played good music and the drinks were really good (though all of the drinks here are pretty much...they dont water alcohol down like hofstra bars lol). The place was like somewhere you would find in NYC and the waiter was awesome.

After a drink I went outside to have a cigarette which is when I made my first Italian friend. Salvatore. He came up to me and asked for a light (in Italian) and then started talking to me (in English). Its funny the people who are from here can pick us out like a black sheep. Anyways he and I talked for about a half an hour and 2 or 3 cigarettes. He was actually born in Naples where some of my family is from and then he moved to NYC a few years ago. His English was very good and unlike some of the other (reallllly skeeezy) men he def wasnt trying to get in my pants or anything. Some of his friends came and met up with him and they came upstairs in the Bar with me to meet everyone else. When we told them where we were planning to go they told us that we shouldnt go to that place because it was a bad night and even the person at the door there had told us that when we had gone earlier during dinner. So they took us all (probably 20+ of us) to another discoteca. At first it was really horrible and empty, then right when it got good we had to leave because the hostel had 2 am curfew = ( It was a lot of fun while it lasted!!!!

We also saw Il Uffizi and Il Duomo and Academia. It was amazing, although other people on the trip dont seem to really appreciate the sightseeing as much as the shopping. It just doesnt make sense to me to spend a day in Gucci and Prada when you could be attending mass in one of the most famous cathedrals in the world or learning about another culture. Does that make me the biggest geek ever!?!?!

I did buy a cute leather jacket! Then I stood the guy who sold it to me up when he asked me to have a drink with him later that night. Haha. I cant say no, but I guess that would have been nicer, though maybe he didnt really expect me to show up.

The remainder of last night was pretty crazy. Some men in a bar called Alicia Tyson as in Mike Tyson cause of her arms . . . then someone told her to watch out for the cobra and gestured towards his unit. Some other guy told me his family was kicked out of Italy because of strange practices that he could not discuss and he said that an American girl can get pregnant by walking down the street in Italy because all of the Italian men oggle them and what not I guess. After that his friend tried to blow his drink out of his straw down my shirt and I flicked him off and walked away. The end of the night followed shortly after.

I do miss America. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from someone who is having an experience that is "once in a lifetime" but it is not home. Also Im missing my privacy and solitude...sharing a room is much more difficult than I recalled. Im sure Ill adjust...either that or only one of us will be coming home jk jk

Anyways I have been on the internet for long enough its a pretty steep price per hour so I will update you all again very soon. Till then...Vi Amo!


Anonymous Michelle Emeric said...

Hey there!!
I am so glad to hear that you are having a great time! I miss you sooo much. The room is not the same without you lol.

Luv ya

BTW: Your computer is fixed... the emergency surgery has been completed :)

7:55 PM, January 08, 2006  
Anonymous chunky said...

i am so glad you are gettin to experience this.....and that ur enjoying it and all dat jazz..........BUT.............2 or 3 cigarettes?!?!?!?!?!yea expect an ass whoopin from me so get a nice comfy italian pillow to sit you

11:41 PM, January 09, 2006  
Blogger J.T.L said...

I know Im a very bad girl . . . but it is the way here . . . you know what they say, "When in Rome..." Well you know . . . I love you and miss you sooo much, I hope that you are behaving yourself and staying out of trouble! xoxo

11:56 AM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger J.T.L said...

I dont believe he fixed it . . . I would tell you to tongue kiss him for me, but that might be a little awkward since hes your brother . . . I really love you both for taking care of that for me . . . I miss you molto! xoxo

11:57 AM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger AmyMihyang said...

hey lady, i'm glad you're travelling on the weekends and having a delicious time! even though you're smoking, its nice to know its providing you opportunities to meet new people. i hope you continue to take advantage of all the country has to offer you. i know you miss home, but try to put that out of your head as you will have plenty of time to appreciate home when you return. my last day at tavern on the green is tomorrow, and i will culminate it with another night with fars that evening! last night i went on a double date with my ex, dave, and jack and kait. it went quite well. i've been drinking a lot of tea with milk. i dont' know what that's about. miss you so much and i have a feeling i might see you again before i leave for london. xoxoxoxo

1:28 PM, January 10, 2006  

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